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Manendra Singh

Business Owner

Mr. Manendra Singh holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology & completed his Master's in Event Management from National School of Event, Mumbai.

He had an extremely ambitious nature and wanted to take on a new challenge in his career. Coming from a business background, he always wanted to make his own identity, so he refused to work with his father and joined the marketing and sales industry to build his career. He completed his Business Management Training in Mumbai and started his company ‘Charisma Group’ in the year 2008. For 3 years he successfully ran his company in Mumbai, and after which he shifted to Indore. It's been 12 years since the inception of this company and the journey has been full of experiences.

Our Service

Charisma Group is one of the leading marketing companies currently based in Indore. We sell services on behalf of blue chip companies via various sales methods. Our service aids businesses to speak directly to potential customers at their work place. We have significantly helped in creating value & improving overall business performances for our clients. Creating a strong relationship with our clients by providing quality sales & unmatched customer service has always been our primary goal. We attract our customers with a personalized cost effective concept of face to face commercial. Our process insures a reliable method in developing a long term relationship between the customer & the product.

We also provide Entrepreneurial opportunities through a holistic training module to aspiring candidates who are looking to enhance their corporate knowledge & experience.

1.  Customer acquisition

2.  Client representation

3.  Goodwill enhancement

4.  Branding & promotions

We started in the financial capital of India, Mumbai and after 3 years we opened up an office in Indore. With a wide expansion goal, we plan to extend our reach to various other cities.

In the coming years, we are focusing on expanding into-

1.  Jaipur

2.  Nagpur

3.  Raipur

4.  Gwalior

5.  Jabalpur

6.  Bhopal

7.  Chandigarh

8.  Pune

Our goal is to be the most progressive marketing firm in India. With the dedication of our business partners we aim to reach new heights with each passing year.

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